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Tag Archives: bunnies

angry Peeps kebobs

Well, only the ones on the bottom are angry. The one at the top is happy to be in such a place of honor. It’s amazing what a couple of lines will do to give a Peep character. Hey, why is that one so smug? Oh, right. He knows the ones at the top are […]

PEEPs bunnies in chocolate eggs for Easter…it’s a Spring Hop Along PEEPS Party and Giveaway!!

Oh, PEEPS. How silly, iconic, sweet, ubiquitous and a little bizarre you are. I know you arrive at every season, but Easter is really where you shine. Take your spotlight, Peeps. Enjoy it. Just don’t get too close to the spotlight (those things pack a lot of heat). When Michelle from Sugar Swings! Serve Some […]

bunnies…and a silly chick

Once again, I feel somewhat morbid putting animal heads on sticks, but once again, this is the lollipop phase I’m in, so forgive the morbidity. In anticipation of Easter (or just springtime for those who don’t celebrate Easter), here are some bunnies. These would be great arranged in a glass vase full of jelly beans. […]