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Tag Archives: cake pops

Christmas! festive cake pops for Celebrations

Alright everyone, you should know the drill by now. I’m sharing with you three posts-in-a-row of Christmas goodies I made for Celebrations, just to drag them out as long as possible. Sure, it could be argued that I can just put them all in one post, or direct you over there to that Celebrations link […]

pumpkin spice bread cake pops AND a Dassant Baking Mix Giveaway!!

UPDATE: And we have a winner! Congratulations to DeeAnn!! Her comment was drawn to win the baking mixes. Thank you to all who participated, and don’t forget everyone still gets a 25% discount at Dassant through the end of this year. Find the details in the sidebar over there to the right. I can’t promise […]

cereal cake pops

For anyone worried about my health….aw, you’re too sweet! But don’t worry. I’m still not taxing myself. I made this entire post before I got sick. I even have one more in the wings, so I won’t be taxing myself for at least another week. My daughter came up with this one. We, fine, I […]

s’mores cake pops

Just one more s’mores-themed treat, I promise. This time: cake pops s’mores style. And in case you missed the s’mores before this one, remember the s’mores pops 1, the s’mores self-reflective marshmallows, and s’mores pops 2. S’mores cake pops aren’t overly complicated. I made a basic cake pop, dipped it in chocolate, propped a few […]

vintage hen cake pops

Well, the cake pops aren’t vintage. Their inspiration is. (And please excuse the chocolate cake oozing most unattractively from the hen pop up there.) I don’t know why I never make cake pops. I guess I’ve a cookie bias. Yet I love stuff on sticks. From the first time I put a cookie on a […]