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Tag Archives: candy melts

easy chick candy pops for Easter

These chick pops are Easter heroes. They are easy to make (mere minutes). They are kid-friendly. They are pretty basic, so picky eaters shouldn’t have a problem. And they count as an after-dinner dessert, but they are small enough to not overload the kids with a full plate of sugar that competes with their Easter […]

Guinness and shamrock St. Patrick’s Day snack mix

Oh, St. Patrick’s Day. I remember you. I mean, the real you. Going to the Irish pub in the morning and staying there all day drinking green beer just because it’s a day you sanction for doing such a thing. Those days are in the past (thanks a lot, 1 year old and 6 year […]

easy, chocolate ghost pops

Looking like Ghost Week here, I suppose. I’ve mentioned this many times, but chocolate-on-a-stick is one of my favorite go-to, crafty treats. Melt chocolate chips or colorful candy melts in a disposable decorating bag, snip the tip, and pipe on lollipop sticks. That’s it. You can create any design, add sprinkles, coconut, nuts, whatever. And […]

Thanksgiving: chocolate wish bones

You can still partake in the “mine’s bigger than yours” wishbone tradition without taking a day to roast a turkey. And bonus, you can make a bunch of these, so more than two people can play. And extra bonus, they are made of chocolate. Because I’m sure you’re curious as to my train of thought, […]

HALLOWEEN: Frankenstein marshmallows (and a little bit about Mary Shelley)

Before we get back to our regularly scheduled programming, I have a few more Halloween goodies that I did for Celebrations last month (and am only getting to sharing now, though they’ve been up for all the world to see for weeks). Next up are Frankenstein marshmallows. Here’s a little side tale that is of […]