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Tag Archives: candy

leftover Halloween candy chocolate bark

Two days after Halloween, we went to a friend’s for dinner. Our mission: The dessert. I admit sighing at the bag of my daughter’s Halloween candy and wondering if I could just bring that. I took it only one step better to make leftover Halloween candy chocolate bark. I’m pretty sure, positive, in fact, I’m […]

fuzzy monster pops

I don’t know at what point we, as a collective imagination, decided monsters needed to be fuzzy. Oh wait, yes I do. Good call, Jim. The fuzzy part makes monsters decidedly less scary and infinitely more cute. Here, coconut is the fuzz.     how to make fuzzy monster pops   you will need:* green […]

Flashback Friday: 15 Halloween treats from the archives

Next to maybe Christmas, Halloween is the season for a fun food blogger. The creepy licorice legs, the monsters and all the fruity blood, the candy eyes, Oh! the candy eyes. There are 8,456, 107 ideas out there for spooky Halloween treats. Probably more actually. Here are a few from the archives that are my […]

the kids’ corner

Today I’m introducing a new section on this blog to house all of the kid-friendly food crafts featured here. As my daughter gets older and older (bwahahaha, she started first grade today), I’ve a feeling this section will grow. While much on this blog is kid-friendly, because I’m always in a rush and need things […]

Wednesday Roundup: 20 things to make with gummy bears

This is an odd roundup for me, as I don’t actually eat gummy bears. Or gummy anything. I mean, if I was starving and there was a pile of gummy bears in front of me, I’d probably have one. But if I am standing in the candy aisle faced with a choice between gummy bears […]