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Tag Archives: children’s literature

Dr. Seuss marshmallows

  Little trivia about yours truly, I originally wanted to write for children. Back when I started submitting manuscripts, I submitted children’s (um, eight years ago, maybe even longer, so for anyone who thinks “how did SHE get handed a book deal?” The answer is, “Eight years of submitting.”). I wrote a children’s novel for […]

O’ Harry Potter… so many possibilities

As a children’s lit academia nut, of course I adore Harry Potter. I gobbled up every one of the books as they hit the stands, starting way back when in—sheesh, ’98 was it? And I’ve done many a Harry Potter cookie over the years, for the cookie possibilities are many. Gryffindor shields, Hedwig, the Sorting […]

Mother Goose in cookies

I just found these pictures among the hundreds on my computer. They are from a cookie project I started and never quite finished. In my other life embedded in literary academia (two masters degrees because one useless degree is never enough) I studied Mother Goose a tad. A brief history lesson. Though the name appeared […]

h-a-p-p-y-b-i-r-t-h-d-a-y (and Peter Rabbit, too)

I made my mom work for her birthday this year by forcing her to unscramble her birthday message (she loves Beatrix Potter, though, so she also got a Peter Rabbit reward). Some ideas for your messages: decorate a cake with a letter cookie message let dry overnight and package in a large cellophane favor bag […]