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Tag Archives: chocolate bark

leftover Halloween candy chocolate bark

Two days after Halloween, we went to a friend’s for dinner. Our mission: The dessert. I admit sighing at the bag of my daughter’s Halloween candy and wondering if I could just bring that. I took it only one step better to make leftover Halloween candy chocolate bark. I’m pretty sure, positive, in fact, I’m […]

chocolate candy cane pops for Celebrations

¬† While I’m off having a baby in the hospital and through the magic of pre-posting, I’ll share with you a few posts I made¬† for Celebrations! Next up… So this is basically chocolate bark on a stick. But so much cuter than a plain old chip of bark, methinks. And easier to make even? […]

ghostly chocolate bark

  I mentioned a few posts ago that I got that big, huge, free box of marshmallow awesomeness from KRAFT Jet-Puffed, remember? No? (See these pumpkin marshmallow pie pops.) I told you it’ll take me awhile to work my through it experimenting with different uses for marshmallows. In the box I found a couple bags […]

partying with conversation heart bark

While I’m not exactly a bluebird-on-my-shoulder kinda gal, I have no ill will whatsoever about Valentine’s Day. We’re not big on celebrating in my house, but I promise, there is no bitterness involved in the smashing of conversation hearts necessary to make these. And I also realize, dear reader, that the smashing of conversation hearts […]

chocolate bark on a stick (with crushed candy canes)

Technically this isn’t chocolate bark per se. It’s chocolate candy clay with crushed candy cane topping. But it’s the same concept as chocolate bark, just on a lollipop stick. Because everything is better on a lollipop stick. how to make mini chocolate bark pops you will need:* candy clay recipe (see below) bag of white […]