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Tag Archives: chocolate chip cookies

chocolate chip cookie… no, wait, I mean, OREO® chip cookies

Here’s the tale of how these came about. Given the material on this blog, I think it’s clear I’m not a health food nut. I do eat a relatively balanced diet. I eat green things every day. I rarely (if ever) overindulge on anything. But don’t take away my mac n’ cheese, white wine, cheese […]

chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches

I couldn’t help it. I just ate one of these. And now my keyboard is sticky(er). A couple of days ago I went back to the basics and made some good old chocolate chip cookies. I made said cookies with my poor, sad daughter. You see, three of her good friends turned 5 this weekend.  […]

happy ice cream sandwich day!

So apparently today is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day. And it’s about 100 degrees outside. So that all seems about right. To make these… let ice cream soften scoop a teaspoon or two on the back of an Entenmann’s chocolate chip cookie add a lollipop stick sandwich with another cookie return to the freezer about […]