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Tag Archives: cocoa

crazy delicious cocoa crackle cookies (turn ’em into monsters, too)

These cocoa crackle cookies are so so, a jillion times so, good. I could eat a jillion. I think I did eat a jillion. They are like brownies and cookies all in one. They have a perfect, cake-y texture and just the right amount of sweetness. Sheesh, I would easily do their PR. My mother-in-law […]

gingberbread swizzle sticks for Bird’s Party Magazine

Bird’s back! I’m honored to be a part of the Winter issue of Bird’s Party Magazine. This issue, like every other, if full of sweet party awesomeness. You’ll find ideas for a Winter Wonderland, parties from Hollywood to penguin glam, a sparkly New Year’s, a whimsical Christmas brunch. Birthday parties for dinosaurs, snow fairies, gangsters, […]

dunkable marshmallow packaging

  Remember these dunkable marshmallows? Or, marshmallows on a string for Valentine’s? Well, Jessica left a great question in the comments: do I have any packaging ideas? It was such a great question, I think it deserves a post. Packaging. Hmmm. I would definitely package with hot cocoa mix. Here are some ideas: in a […]

marshmallows on a string. Or, marshmallow tea? Or, dunking marshmallows in cocoa for Valentine’s Day.

I don’t know what to call these. Marshmallows on a string in the style of tea bags but for hot cocoa? Regardless, I found myself mighty clever for coming up with this idea. Might-y clever. I really was stunned by my brilliance. Until I remembered how this past weekend I put my keys on the […]

how to draw on food: hot cocoa stirrers

Another one in the category of super-easy-last-minute. And a great li’l gift idea, too, packaged with a mug and hot cocoa. how to make hot cocoa stirrers you will need: marshmallows candy canes edible writers* *I prefer Americolor Gourmet Writers or FooDoodlers Fine Line pens. Buying the sets is best, but you will only need […]