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Tag Archives: cotton candy

Star Wars brownies for Tablespoon

Gather ’round all ye Star Wars fans. I have something awesome for you. That’s right. You can re-create the Dagobah System (the dreary, isolated planet of mist, mud and swamps, home to Yoda, and the site where Luke irritably learns to control the Force–or not–from his Jedi Master) on brownies. On brownies. And it’s easy, […]

from the archives: cotton candy cookie pops for Valentine’s Day

I made these “warm and fuzzy” (aka cotton candy topped) cookie pops ages ago. Back when I wasn’t even 40 yet, in the far-off year of 2011. I came up with the idea in line at Michaels when I spotted a tub of cotton candy. I thought it was odd, at best, and no one […]

fuzzy bunny tail cookie pops

  I had to be pretty specific in the title because I’m not so sure what these are supposed to be is obvious. These are basically the Easter equivalent of my Valentine’s Day warm and fuzzy cotton candy heart cookie pops. I have the same concerns as I did for those: Fuzzy and cute? Or […]

warm and fuzzy heart cookie pops

I’m not sure if these are warm and fuzzy, as I promised in the title, or sort of strange and gross. At any rate, they are easy to make. This idea was born in the long long oh my goodness long line at Michaels craft store. The line was so very very long. And this […]