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Tag Archives: crafts

Just for Kix: 3 Chinese New Years Crafts

Chinese New Years is just a few days away. We’re entering the year of the Horse, much to my daughter’s delight. Here are three Chinese New Years crafts to make, my latest for Kix Cereal. For how-tos to make the 3 Chinese New Years Crafts, click HERE. Feel free to share (nicely)! While my blog’s […]

chocolate cake in a mug AND a quick mug cozy

I know the internet is currently awash with microwave mug desserts. (We’re all in such a HURRY! we need dessert and we need it now. I don’t argue with that. I always act like I’m in a hurry. Even when I have no where to go.) But I’ve been wanting to make a cake in […]

Just for Kix: cereal box love bugs for Valentine’s Day

Why are bugs associated with Valentine’s Day? Because “bug” rhymes with “love.” That’s the only reason that comes to mind. But it’s good enough for me. Here is my latest craft for kids over at Kix Cereal: Cereal box love bugs. Find all the how-tos to make cereal box love bugs HERE. Feel free to […]

Just for Kix: diorama ornaments

I want to make a jillion of these diorama ornaments. You know, in all my free time. (That’s funny because I have none. Zippo. Zilch free time.) I made one with a pipe cleaner snowman and pipe cleaner tree, but my heart belongs to this gnome and deer. With all of the cupcake toppers out […]

Just for Kix: DIY Christmas plates

Can I just tell you how easy these are to make and how I love them ever so much and how I want to make some for every holiday? All you need is a porcelain pen. And an oven. And dishes. I got mine from Ikea because I love Ikea with all of my heart. […]