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Tag Archives: daisies

flower puzzle cookies

I suppose it’s only fair that if my brother had to work for his birthday cookies, my sister would, too. And I had to make sure my two, young nieces have my sister assemble these flowers before eating them, because she’s good at finding loopholes. For the record, she’s also good at throwing parties, being […]

more cookies for mom

  Just to give you one more option for the bite-size, mason jar, I heart you mom cookies… You can also fill your jars with mini daisies. So super easy to make, too. I make dot daisies a lot, since they are handy to have around for parties, too. Find the original how-tos to make […]

how to make a cookie arrangement

    Some of you may recognize these daisy cookie pops from my post all the way from, um, yesterday. A common question I’m asked is how I get my cookies to stand so obediently on their own. I briefly cover how to make a cookie arrangement in Sugarlicious because, seriously, everything is covered in […]

rainbow daisy marshmallow pops

  These colorful marshmallow pops are up there as one of my favorites, and they took a few seconds to make. They are just so bright and colorful and have a sort of hippy mod retro ’60s type look. I can picture the Grateful Dead bears dancing among these flowers.     My friend, Liz, […]

fondant gerbera daisies (on cookie pops)

So this is the last post I have from before I got sick. Luckily, I’m about able to get back in the kitchen. I love a vase full of gerbera daisies. Cheap as I am, I usually buy my flowers at the local supermarket, and they always have gerbera daisies, so they are my go-to […]