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Tag Archives: dots

sparkly mod cookie pops

Wasn’t quite sure what to name these. And they are chocolate, too. But “sparkly mod chocolate cookie pops” was one too far. how to make sparkly mod cookie pops you will need: dough (scroll to end of link for chocolate) icing circle cookie cutter lollipop sticks disposable frosting bags couplers decorating tips (size “4″ or […]

mini mod dot lollipops

It’s definitely a challenge coming up with sweet treats without a kitchen. Even making frosting is a chore I won’t face (my mixer bowl doesn’t fit in our tiny bathroom sink to clean). But these bite-size dot pops are super easy to make and kitchen free. You can also omit the sticks and use the […]

crazy easy colorful petits fours

Hmmm, I wonder if these little treats made from Oreos are refined enough to bear the name “petit fours.” But alas, if it looks like a petit four and tastes like a petit four, then petit four it is. These really are very simple to make, thanks to the wonderousness that is the Oreo Cakester. […]

dots! …. cookies and favor box

This is a great and easy way to use up leftover dough and frosting. You can make and decorate these cookies, let dry overnight, and freeze in a baggie to use as needed. I do hope you find cutting out cookies therapeutic, though, as the task can become tedious. Use flour generously on your work […]