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Flashback Friday: DOUGHNUTS! the Babycake Donut Maker AND easy, healthy, maple, trail mix doughnuts (also, some silly art)

This is only my second doughnut post on this blog–if you don’t count these doughnut decorated cookies that aren’t doughnuts at all–, and yet my first doughnut recipe post was one of the most popular posts I’ve written. So clearly, I’m doing something wrong and not properly supplying my audience with more doughnuts. Oh geez, […]

making doughnuts with the Babycakes Donut Maker

(Note I’m still on vacation in Florida, but I wrote this whole post before I left. Isn’t that prepared of me?) My mother-in-law got my daughter–well, me–the Babycakes donut maker for Christmas, which may or may not have been my suggestion. And I should note, that Babycakes has never heard of me and has no […]

doughnut artists

(click picture to enlarge) There is nothing instructional about this post, I’m afraid. Just playing around with Microsoft Paint. The idea behind these doughnut artists came from two sources. First, THIS POSTER as found on CakeSpy. Second, a sketch somewhere online of silly, simple artist “renditions”. They were not sweets, I think they were smiley […]

mmmm…. doughnut cookies

In case the title is confusing, there are no doughnut-like ingredients in these cookies. They are simply cookies that look like doughnuts. Now, I’ve nothing against doughnuts. Really. If given a choice between a cookie and a Dunkin Donuts chocolate creme… I’d likely go for the doughnut, I admit that freely. But I have a […]