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Tag Archives: edible icing sheets

GIVEAWAY!! and Valentine’s ornaments with icing paper

UPDATE: Congratulations to Kesha, Kimi, Sue, Elisa and Jennifer! Their comments were drawn by to win the goods! Thank you to all for participating, and check back for plenty more giveaways!! GS Lortsher… they had icing sheets in Holland in the ’70s? I had no idea they ever existed before now. Morgan, me too!! […]

cookie tattoos

So I was in Michaels Craft Store the other day, and I saw THESE. Duff Cake Tattoos. (As in, Duff of Ace of Cakes, as in, designs printed on edible sheets used to cover cakes, cupcakes and cookies, like these ticings I like so much.) So I had to try them. According to the Charm […]

cookies all dressed up

These fancy cookie discs are super easy to make. You will need:white candy wafers or white chocolatechocolate transfer sheets (a million and one choices at fancy flours)wax paperbaking tray1 1/2 inch circle cookie cutter (or larger circle, or any other shape)good rolled cookie dough (that won’t spread)your favorite frosting Step One: make your fancy circlesCut […]