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What our facebook posts say about us. Also, facebook post cookies.

Nope, this is not another dangers-of-facebook post. This is a why-I-love-facebook post. I, like many, visit facebook a lot. It’s one of my go-to spots to hit all day. Email, other email, other email, facebook. Linger too long, back to email. Maybe Pinterest. I do, very much, understand why many are wary about the dangers […]

cyber-bullying… a trend that’s changing everything

There is a new, damaging trend going on. Facebook pages are popping up claiming to be “recipe sharing” sites. These sites post photographs and full recipes, or photographs with all the step-by-steps shown, multiple times daily. These pages are garnering tens of thousands of “likes,” in some cases hundreds of thousands, even over a million, […]

mark your calendars!

  Does anyone use calendars anymore? I mean Blackberries. Does anyone use Blackberries anymore? I mean iPhones. Or if you’re like me, jot it on a piece of your kid’s construction paper lying by your computer.   Because I’ll be live and in person (um, behind the computer screen) on Thursday over on my facebook […]