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inside Sugarlicious: fairy woodland petits fours and marshmallows

With my new handy, dandy, fancy blog schedule (over there in the sidebar) meant to keep me organized, Fridays are devoted to the archives. I have 5 1/2 years of sweets on here and they get lost so quickly. These strolls down memory lane are probably more for me than for you, as I care […]

felt woodland cupcake wrappers

  Like many, I have an affinity for fairy woodland gnome toadstool fawn forest type scenarios. Something about the combination is so very earthy and retro and magical. These fabric cupcake wrappers were inspired by the sculptable frosting figures created by my friend Cheryl at Sew Can Do. (Teaser: Cheryl will be guest posting on […]

pink princess cupcakes (and how to draw princess accoutrements)

So the other day I ask my daughter, “What do you want to do?” (expecting the response to be along the lines of “playground” or “draw”). “Make pink cupcakes.” The specificity of the answer is what readily made me accept this plan to make cupcakes an hour before dinner. I think they read Pinkalicious in […]