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Tag Archives: fondant

just a reminder, some sweets for the Olympics

  These are likely still fresh in your memory, but given the Summer Olympics are right around the corner, I figured a little reminder wouldn’t hurt. That and I’m nowhere near my own kitchen to make something new, since my daughter and I are currently living as nomads from grandparent’s house to grandparent’s house while […]

for Easter: peeking bunny cookies

  “Is it Easter yet? Is it Easter yet?” I’ve heard this every morning since Valentine’s Day.  Soon, my darling four-year old, soon. Look, I even spotted the Easter bunny peeking around the corner.   To make these, I cut out 2 1/2-inch squares from my cookie dough. Made my royal icing and tinted pink, […]

painted cherry blossom cookies

  As promised, I’m back with some more cherry blossoms, because you see, as a Washington DCite, I need to push the cherry blossom. These cookies, about 2 1/2-inches across,  are a bit bigger than these here, but you can follow the same instructions for fondant-topped painted cookies. You may also use a flooded royal […]

revisiting the Cherry Blossom

On my to-do list this month:  Head downtown to see the cherry blossoms. Because I live in Washington DC, so it’d be a dang shame to go a year without seeing the cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin bloom. And I’m ashamed to admit there have been many years in my over twenty in this […]

Harlequin romance novel cupcakes

On this Valentine’s eve, I thought I’d take just a moment to pay homage to the great people I like to call… my publishers. Because as I’ve mentioned before, getting a book deal is really, really hard. You need just that one group of people who will your way and like you and like what […]