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Tag Archives: food coloring pens

favors for a kid’s art-themed birthday party: canvas cookies and food pens

This whole kids-drawing-on-cookies thing is not new to this blog. My daughter first make her own cookie art HERE when she was just a wee lass of two. And I gave my niece these framed cookies and a set of markers for her 7th birthday. Well, I adapted that same idea for her 8th birthday, […]

we go together like… marshmallows and lollipop sticks

I think if I actually did celebrate Valentine’s Day in real life, this would be my speed. I’d have to throw some sort of joke in after the “we go together like…” sentiment. Sheesh, my husband sure is one lucky man. Oh yeah, by the way… for way more than you wanted to know about […]

fall from the archives

  It’s official, despite the creeping heat outside, that Fall is here. My darling started kindergarten today. Sniffle. Actually, truth be told, there were no sniffles for either of us. For me, I kinda need the break to catch up, and she was in the same school for full-day preK last year (see here? her […]

marshmallow playing cards and memory game

  Have you seen these new s’mores-friendly rectangle marshmallows in the supermarket? My mind raced with possibilities.  Games popped in first. Even though I don’t like the Memory game. (But I play a mean game of Gin. And Free Cell.)     I’ve never, ever been good at the Memory game. Ever. Oh, I remember […]