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Tag Archives: food coloring

Shark Week! How to make shark marshmallow pops

As many, many, many of you already know, SHARK WEEK kicks off today! The Discovery Channel headquarters is in Silver Spring, MD. And I live in Washington DC about a mile from Silver Spring and said Discovery Channel HQ. Every year I wonder, will Chompie return? I remember well a couple years ago when the […]

dip-dyed mini marshmallow hearts

  This one goes in the category of quick and easy to make, always appreciated in my house. But I’ll warn you that they do take a while to dry. As in, a few hours. I’m not entirely sure what one would do with tiny bite-size dip dyed marshmallows, but I’ll let you use your […]

ice cubes for Halloween… from my Celebrations Halloween crate

Posts without sugar are rare for me, I know. And these so easily could have been turned into sugar-filled sweets, but I wanted to test out my “Bone Chillers” ice cube tray the traditional way first. Almost the traditional way. I added food coloring. And it worked. Although my fingers got a bit stained popping […]

rainbow pound cake for a five-year old

  So my daughter just turned five. She has anticipated this day since she turned four. As such, I’m afraid the distance between her real birthday and the actual celebration day was too long for her to bear. So on her actual birthday we made some rainbow pound cake. The reasons being: It’s small enough […]

As Seen in BRIDES October 2011 Issue: Painted Cookies and Paper Cones

Some of you may remember I contributed some wedding favor ideas to the June issue of BRIDES magazine. Well, you can spot me again in the October issue. In this blog post you’ll find the how-tos for making the painted cookies in paper cones that appear in the issue. Use any decorative paper you like, […]