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Tag Archives: food

Cheerios teething biscuits

The drool, the whining, the crying, the gnawing on furniture… Did you guess I mean teething babies? Ugh. Of course I was also the parent who, any time my baby fussed, blamed it on teething. It couldn’t possibly be her perfect temperament. No, it had to be teething. I wrote all about foods to help […]

food-themed Mother’s Day gift ideas

Just in case you forgot (noooo, I’m sure you wouldn’t do that), Mother’s Day is right around the corner. As in, May 13. I have some cookie ideas ahead for you, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share with you my latest Ideabook over at Houzz: Gift Ideas for a Culinary Mom. This is […]

how to draw on food: a cookie pop meal (my Project Food Blog challenge!)

Hungry? I am. Some of my favorite foods are on these cookies. And these are special cookies. Not special because they are unusual to find on this blog. Quite the opposite. Special because they are exactly what is found on this blog. And they are for a contest. I entered the Foodbuzz Project Food Blog! […]