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Tag Archives: frosting

how to make easy werewolf cookies

  You can tell these are werewolf cookies, right? I mean, without any features but the fuzz and the eyes? If not, I’m here to tell you. These are werewolf cookies. And anyone can make them.     I guess these could also double as Chewbacca cookies, huh?   how to make werewolf cookies you […]

fruitcake on a stick

Poor, poor fruitcake. The fruit-packed wonder gets so much ridicule. I don’t remember much fruitcake at Christmas, so somehow I escaped the madness of fruitcake criticism. I thought I would help the fruitcake out, give it new life. By cutting it into squares and putting it on a stick. Now, a warning. This is NOT […]

pinwheels-in-the-grass cupcakes for Celebrations

What does Summer mean to you? The smell of freshly cut grass wafting through the air as you walk barefoot in the grass? And step on a bee? Yeah, I’m a half-empty kind of person. I go right there to the bee sting. Really, though, it’s not very smart to walk barefoot in the grass. […]

GIVEAWAY!! Sugarlicious sneak peek prize pack AND piping frosting on cupcakes

UPDATE: Congratulations to Marlene, Kristy, Adrienne, Monica and Lindsay! (Also known as the 5 numbers that the Random Number Generator chose to win.) Thank you all for your participation, there are lots more giveaways ahead! I was surprised at how many frosting pipers were in the bunch. Sara-Jayne, best of luck to you, how exciting! […]

dessert icing n’ cookie push pops and a GIVEAWAY!!!

I told you I’d revisit the push pops. When Signature Brands contacted me about trying out some of their new Dessert Icings, I said “yes, please.” So they sent me the S’mores Dessert Icing in both Chocolate and Cinnamon, the OREO Ultimate Icing, made with real OREOs, and even some CakeMate decorating tips that attach […]