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Tag Archives: garden

8 sweet treats for Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, this post is dedicated to things that grow. And it’s sort of ridiculous that I post about things that grow when in real life I can’t make ANYTHING grow. It’s terribly sad, actually, how horrible I am at getting things to grow. I want to be good at it. You’d […]

easy Cheerios birdfeeders with printable instructions

Ever the supermom wannabe, I of course volunteered to help out with the Family Fun Day at my daughter’s school, even though we couldn’t attend said Family Fun Day due to a family event up in Jersey. The day was garden-themed. My tasks were to turn pieces of cardboard into signs and to come up […]

Pancake Party!! and I made garden decorated pancakes

  So I got invited to a Pancake Party, and I didn’t even have to wear my PJs and slippers (though I wear these with stunning frequency, so I was probably wearing them when I made these pancakes). Rachel of Rachel Cooks is hosting a Pancake Party for all of July. Each day a different […]

vegetable garden cookies

  These garden cookies were inspired by this vegetable garden mini quilt featured at The Purl Bee last year. Dang, I wish I could sew. Yep, I don’t sew. I don’t garden either.     It’s not that I don’t appreciate the concept of gardening. I do, really, and I wish that I had knowledge […]