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Tag Archives: hearts

easy chocolate pretzel hearts, on pops or not

These chocolate pretzel hearts are easy peasy to make. I whipped them out not long after making THESE for KIX CEREAL. Now, the latter are just as easy to make and a bit fancier, but these get the job done, too. Plus, you get sweet and salty in one bite. I’m sure someone who has […]

heart sprinkles

Homemade sprinkles are certainly not an innovation of this blog. I’ve seen tons all over the web. If memory serves correctly (and I’m lucky my memory is recorded over at my other gig),  these rainbow sprinkles from Brave Tart were my first introduction to the DIY sprinkle. I had some leftover bags of red, pink […]

chaos heart cookies

I’ve decided that this is my new favorite way to decorate cookies, and I’ll just officially call it the “chaos method.” As in what I did back here. And kind of here. And now once again. Because you see, I often decorate cookies using only one consistency of icing, but you can always see the […]

dip-dyed mini marshmallow hearts

  This one goes in the category of quick and easy to make, always appreciated in my house. But I’ll warn you that they do take a while to dry. As in, a few hours. I’m not entirely sure what one would do with tiny bite-size dip dyed marshmallows, but I’ll let you use your […]

kid-friendly candy pops for Valentine’s Day (easy! good for last minute)

I had to share with you one more Valentine’s Day treat I made for elsewhere. Red Tricycle asked me to come up with a kid-friendly sweets idea for the holiday. To test the kid-friendliness of these candy heart pops, I made them with my four-year old. I can assure you, kid-friendly indeed.   These are […]