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Cookie HQ at HERSHEY’S Kitchens: My Video and Photo Shoot

You probably don’t know this, but last month I was treated to a  fantabulous trip to the Hershey’s Headquarters? Wait, you might know. Because I talked about it HERE. And HERE. And HERE. Sheesh. I talk too much. Anyway,  I joined a dozen bloggers to make yummy holiday videos in the Hershey’s Test Kitchens with […]

HERSHEY’S Chocolate and Toffee Bit Fudge

I’m still on my chocolate high from visiting HERSHEY’S headquarters and working in the HERSHEY’S test kitchens. And I’m still eating chocolate and making chocolate and… Well, actually, as you read this, I’ll be in the hospital having a kid. But before I came to the hospital I was eating and making chocolate. And through […]

HERSHEY’S GIVEAWAY!! and some easy chocolate Christmas tree pops

How has it already been three weeks since my fabulous trip to HERSHEY’S headquarters? Sigh. I miss Hershey’s. The luxury hotel room, the spa, the royal treatment, the excitement of working with the wow-amazing crew in the HERSHEY’S test kitchens. Oh yeah, and the chocolate. So very much chocolate. At least I have the chocolate […]

my trip to Hershey’s headquarters

I’ve hinted about my trip to Hershey, PA and the awesomeness of it all, and I have more to come with actual sweet treats, but this is a quick recap of the said awesomeness. I was invited to join 11 other bloggers at  Hershey’s Headquarters for a few days to create a video and photo […]