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Tag Archives: Hostess

Revisiting Twinkies, HoHos, SnowBalls and CupCakes

Gasp! Did you all know that Hostess filed for Chapter 11? I learned this from the source of all my (sweet) news, CakeSpy. She reposted her popular collection, “51 Ways to Kill a Twinkie” (that, by the way, I remember well and I featured it over at Edible Crafts back in ’08!). I don’t have […]

Twinkie, HoHo, SnoBall, CupCakes…now in 2-D! (and on sticks)

All the best Hostess snacks, put on a cookie and stuck on sticks. Clearly, snow-bound dementia has set in. None of the actual products are needed to make these cookies, but I shan’t judge if you need to stock up on your HoHos, SnoBalls, CupCakes and Twinkies to use as models. These cookies were really […]