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Tag Archives: lollipop sticks

Flashback Friday: Pizza pops

Oh, I know you remember these, right? I’ve done many, many, many posts over the past five years. Sometimes I create something, think myself brilliant, and they are total duds. Most times, I create something I like, and it’s received honorably. Other times, I create something and look back and wonder what in the world […]

angry Peeps kebobs

Well, only the ones on the bottom are angry. The one at the top is happy to be in such a place of honor. It’s amazing what a couple of lines will do to give a Peep character. Hey, why is that one so smug? Oh, right. He knows the ones at the top are […]

bow tie bunny cookies for Haniela’s Easter Extravaganza

  I’m back with what’s quickly becoming a seasonal tradition. Last Spring it was all about flowers. This Winter it was all about snowflakes. Now Haniela’s has brought us all together again with Easter treats and crafts. And there are a whole bunch of us this year. Which means a whole bunch of ideas for […]

super duper crazy easy St. Patrick’s Day pops

I’ve a good bit o’ Irish in me, but long gone are the days of heading to an Irish pub in the wee hours to spend St. Patrick’s Day. Now I would so gripe about the long bathroom lines, spilled Guinness, and kids today. The most nuts I’d get this year may be to have […]

Cookie HQ at HERSHEY’S Kitchens: My Video and Photo Shoot

You probably don’t know this, but last month I was treated to a  fantabulous trip to the Hershey’s Headquarters? Wait, you might know. Because I talked about it HERE. And HERE. And HERE. Sheesh. I talk too much. Anyway,  I joined a dozen bloggers to make yummy holiday videos in the Hershey’s Test Kitchens with […]