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we go together like… marshmallows and lollipop sticks

I think if I actually did celebrate Valentine’s Day in real life, this would be my speed. I’d have to throw some sort of joke in after the “we go together like…” sentiment. Sheesh, my husband sure is one lucky man. Oh yeah, by the way… for way more than you wanted to know about […]

i heart you marshmallow pops

Here’s another simple idea for Valentine’s Day marshmallows. (I did have one of my readers express frustration at too many marshmallow ideas–understandable, as this is a cookie decorating blog–but perhaps my 2-year old’s creations at the bottom of this post can sway non-believers to accept the marshmallow.) how to make i heart you marshmallows you […]

bite-size hugs and kisses cookies

These x’s and o’s are super tiny bite size cookies. I used little square and circle fondant cutters. Package in little jars, mint tins or cellophane bags. how to make x and o cookie bites you will need:* dough icing pink food coloring red food coloring square fondant cutter (about 1/2 inch) circle fondant cutter […]