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free printable: back to school lunch box stickers

  Have you been counting the days, hours, minutes and nanoseconds until school starts again, too? I’ll still have one at home, so it’s not that huge a freedom for me, but still. Half the freedom. Not that I don’t love spending every precious moment with my darlings, it’s just that… I don’t always love […]

Just for Kix: Painted planet sandwiches

Have you ever tried painting bread with milk and food coloring? It’s so easy, and such a wonderful food craft to keep kids busy for at least a little while. I made some painted planet sandwiches, but you can paint anything. Find the how-tos for painted planet sandwiches HERE at Kix. Feel free to share […]

Just for Kix: Heart-Filled Lunch for the Kids

Hearts, hearts and more hearts. If you can bear just a few more this season, here are a few you can pack in a lunch box: Sandwiches cut into hearts, cucumbers with carrot heart centers, Kix with dried strawberries. I think a love note should be in there, too. Find the how-tos and recipe for […]

Just for Kix: Seal sandwich

Do I need to clarify that this is a sandwich shaped like a seal and not, in fact, a “seal sandwich”? I hope not. I like this sandwich so much because you don’t need anything fancy to make it. All you need to do is cut and rearrange a plain old sandwich. That being said, […]

Just for Kix: Thanksgiving leftovers for lunch

I really love this particular post I made for Kix Cereal because I got to have a mini Thanksgiving meal weeks ago to write it. And yum, I’m pleased with the results. The sandwich sushi is surprisingly delicious, as I was skeptical about the concept. Mix cream cheese and cranberry sauce on bread, pile with […]