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Tag Archives: macarons

flashback friday: “macaron” cookie pops

…In which I share a forgotten treat from the archives. In scrolling through my past posts, I found some stuff even I forgot I made. In almost five years of blogging, there is a LOT of stuff even I forgot I made. Admittedly, some of it is dreadful. But not all of it was dreadful. […]

unmacaron macaron cookie pops

Anybody out there remember my macaron disaster? I’ve not yet revisited trying to make these artful mysteries. So instead of facing the challenge, I stuck with the familiar and made little, colorful sandwich cookies in the style of a macaron. And I made some into pops, too, because I’ll put anything I can on a […]

cookie goes to Paris and makes macarons…sort of

Either macarons are increasing in popularity lately or I’ve just noticed them popping up everywhere because they’ve been on my mind. I’ve held this curiosity since I posted on macarons HERE on my edible crafts column over a year ago. And having just returned from Paris (what a great sentence to utter) where I bought […]