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Tag Archives: melting snowman cookie

melting snowmen made out of Airheads candy

I needn’t bore you yet again with my dramatic woe-is-me about having invented the melting snowman cookie back in 2008 (affectionately named Mr. Melty), and then watching him go viral on the internet, having some unpleasant exchanges with those who feel no need to give credit, and then seeing Mr. Melty in national magazines and […]

the journey of Mr. Melty and a very small me

Warning. This is a long story. Back in ’08 I made this guy. I call him Mr. Melty. I was brainstorming some cookie ideas, wanted to do a snowman, but an untraditional one, and this melting thing just came to me. Well, Mr. Melty struck a chord. He was posted on the front page of […]

who would steal a snowman?

Sigh. I realize putting images and ideas out there for the world to see is risky, for anyone with internet access can steal said images and ideas. And I realize trusting the greater good in others is risky. But as unfathomably huge the internet is (fodder for a Kantian sublime experience), it’s also oddly small. […]