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mini cupcake cookies (and a cupcake decorating kit)

Cupcakes! Only cookies. And bite-size ones. This way you can appease both the cupcake and cookie lovers. I made these for my niece’s tenth birthday, part of a theme present. Back when she turned six–since she’s pretty much a mini-me, unlike my own two girls–I gave her all my favorite cookie and marshmallow decorating tools. […]

bite-size fruit and veggie cookies

You know, for health nuts who eat fruits and veggies. These are almost exactly the same thing. Almost. But not really, huh? Still, I’m proud to say that while I won’t ever give up my wine and cheese and crackers, despite the content of my blog, I eat a good share of fruits and vegetables. […]

the easiest way to make mini chocolate chip cookies

The best invention ever–after Roku, boxed wine and elastic waist pants–is disposable decorating bags. I use them for everything I can. Not just icing, but piping pancake batter and cupcake batter, melting candy melts, stuffing pasta… Everything. Now I’m adding chocolate chip cookies to the list.     I’m a big fan of small versions […]

mini (as in, teeny tiny) chocolate peanut butter heart sandwiches for Valentine’s Day

Chocolate and peanut butter. If  ’80s commercials teach us anything, it’s that chocolate and peanut butter are two great tastes that taste great together. And this discovery was made when a man with a chocolate bar and a woman strolling down the street with an open jar of peanut butter bump into each other, as […]

Just for Kix: Teeny, tiny sweet birthday treats

It’s not as easy working in miniature as you think. All those little details are hard to recreate. But gosh, mini versions of things are cute. Find the how-tos to make mini Kix treats, mini birthday cakes, mini donuts, mini cookies and mini s’mores HERE at Kix.   Feel free to share (nicely)! While my […]