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Tag Archives: monsters

monster cookie sticks for Halloween

I’ve been very into cookie sticks of late. Which is a terribly odd sentence to type, I realize. I’ve always been into candy eyes for Hallowen. Stick some eyes on just about anything and it becomes an instant monster. And so the merging of cookie sticks and candy eyes was inevitable, at least in my […]

Halloween treats from the archives

We’ve been ready for Halloween for weeks now, ever since my daughter found her purple Queen costume at a Cracker Barrel when we took a girls weekend to visit Luray Caverns. Halloween is the absolute best for making cool stuff with sweet stuff. Usually all you need to do is add candy eyes to something […]

googly-eyed veggies

This is totally not sweet at all, but just had to share with you… So the California Ripe Olives people sent me this super creepy (really, it had spiders all over it) box of Halloween goodies to help promote California Ripe Olives and create a Halloween dish with olives. I went the easy route and […]

monster face cookies

Vampires, zombies, mummies, oh my! All the monsters have emerged from under my daughter’s bed. Here are some monster cookie decorating ideas, all done on simple circles (and one square). I don’t know what evil monster possessed me when I was baking these, because I should’ve put them on sticks. Ah well, these will have […]

your cookies are watching you… spooky, googly-eyed Halloween cookies

I’ve been posting so many eye-treats over at my other blog, so many that I declared an “eye trend” this Halloween, that I figured I better get on posting something here, too. That baking aisle at Michaels is such a dangerous thing. That’s where I got these candy eyes, and I’ve been making quite a […]