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Tag Archives: Oreo Cakesters

crazy easy colorful petits fours

Hmmm, I wonder if these little treats made from Oreos are refined enough to bear the name “petit fours.” But alas, if it looks like a petit four and tastes like a petit four, then petit four it is. These really are very simple to make, thanks to the wonderousness that is the Oreo Cakester. […]

let it snow (and how to draw a snowflake on a cookie)

These snowflakes and snowmen are incredibly easy to make… with white fudge covered Oreos. You can cut out snowflake and snowman cookies, pipe and fill them all with white backgrounds. I’ve done this. Hundreds, nay thousands, of times. But Oreo does the time consuming part for you. And forgive the subject line if you think […]