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Tag Archives: over-the-rim

Flashback Friday: over-the-rim cocktail garnish cookies

Flashback indeed. I am transported not just to these cookies that I made two years ago, but to a time when I was sucked into the Sex in the City universe. Yes. I loved the show. I found it brilliant and funny. And I, like scores, nay, millions, of other watchers, made the Cosmopolitan my […]

cookies for your cosmo (or, over-the-rim cocktail cookies)

I’m hoping my friend doesn’t see this post, because we’re going to the Sex in the City 2 movie and I’m bringing these along to add to our post-movie Cosmos. how to make over-the-rim lime cookies for cocktails you will need:* dough icing 2 1/2 inch circle cookie cutter knife food coloring 3 frosting bags […]

tea and cookies (over the rim treats for mom)

I feel like I’ve been seeing these over-the-rim cookies popping up everywhere. But then, I search for such things because of this gig. Regardless, I wanted to try and make them. Here’s a Mother’s Day idea for the tea and/or coffee and/or milk drinker: tea and dunkable cookies. I’ve included a pdf printout for you […]