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Tag Archives: packaging

pint-size camping cookies and tips on shipping

  I’m a huge fan of mini decorated cookies. While the smaller canvas can make for more difficult decorating, there are so many advantages to working on a pint-size scale. The cookie cutters are so much cheaper. You get way more cookies out of a batch. Small cookies are easier to eat. And most importantly, […]

more cookies for mom

  Just to give you one more option for the bite-size, mason jar, I heart you mom cookies… You can also fill your jars with mini daisies. So super easy to make, too. I make dot daisies a lot, since they are handy to have around for parties, too. Find the original how-tos to make […]

revisiting the Cherry Blossom

On my to-do list this month:  Head downtown to see the cherry blossoms. Because I live in Washington DC, so it’d be a dang shame to go a year without seeing the cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin bloom. And I’m ashamed to admit there have been many years in my over twenty in this […]

GIVEAWAY! Sugarlicious sneak peak and totally tubular cookies

Lots more giveaways are coming your way, as promised. Every week I’ll give you a little something leading up to the day that Sugarlicious graces the world with its presence. (Have you pre-ordered yet?) This time, I’m giving 3 of you a signed copy of the 16-page booklet thingamajig (called a BLAD in the publishing […]

bite-size holiday cookies in a jar

I’m keeping things simple this year and going with my standard for Christmas gifts: bite-size decorated cookies in mason jars. Mason jars are just so perfect for packaging. I made all of mine in advance and put them in the freezer. You can dress them up with tags, felt, ribbon, whatever, and even attach gift […]