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Tag Archives: Peeps

angry Peeps kebobs

Well, only the ones on the bottom are angry. The one at the top is happy to be in such a place of honor. It’s amazing what a couple of lines will do to give a Peep character. Hey, why is that one so smug? Oh, right. He knows the ones at the top are […]

PEEPs bunnies in chocolate eggs for Easter…it’s a Spring Hop Along PEEPS Party and Giveaway!!

Oh, PEEPS. How silly, iconic, sweet, ubiquitous and a little bizarre you are. I know you arrive at every season, but Easter is really where you shine. Take your spotlight, Peeps. Enjoy it. Just don’t get too close to the spotlight (those things pack a lot of heat). When Michelle from Sugar Swings! Serve Some […]

from the archives: how to get rid of leftover Peeps

Look what I find in the depths of my blog archives… I originally wrote this post two whole years ago. Wow, how time flies. In case you forgot, what with two years having passed and with the overabundance of Peeps images on the internet that leaves little space in your brain to remember these things […]

easy Peeps cupcakes

This post will be short and sweet because these cupcakes are insanely easy to decorate. If “decorate” is even the word. I spotted edible Easter grass at Target and immediately thought of these, so I reached over 3 feet and got some Peeps bunnies, too. The edible grass tastes sorta funny, so I used it […]

how to get rid of your leftover Peeps

just don’t call chase them off a cliff set a trap put them on a shaky bridge put them on a bus make them cross the street make them watch every hour of the Today showuntil they want to leave attack from behind change the locks scare them ship them spray them have them join […]