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Tag Archives: petits fours

Christmas petit fours, straight from the pages of Sugarlicious

As promised on Saturday, a peek inside Sugarlicious with a Christmas idea from the book. It’s starting to get real, seeing it all put together like this. Yikes, if I get butterflies opening a pdf, imagine how I’ll be opening that first box when I get the book! For a glimpse inside the book,  CLICK […]

Oreo Cakester daisy petit fours… and a free bug topper printable

That’s a long title, but lots to cover in something so small. It’s been a looooong time since I made you fondant covered Oreo Cakester petit fours. Yikes, I first came up with these way back HERE almost two years ago. I include this idea in the book, so thought I would revisit them again […]

pretty pink daisy petit fours

I made these pink petit fours with only store-bought things. I never buy those 100-calorie pack treats and sweets. To me, if you’re going to eat three of them, what’s the point of all that packaging? But then I saw these packs of cute little pink frosted strawberry cupcakes at Target and I couldn’t resist. […]

winter wonderland Oreo Cakesters

So how did these fondant covered Oreo Cakesters come about? 1. bakerella cut hearts from Cakesters last year 2. I saw said hearts and, with Cakesters on the brain, made fondant covered Cakester petits fours 3. i am baker saw said fondant covered Cakester petits fours and made her own gorgeous, perfect petits fours that […]

crazy easy colorful petits fours

Hmmm, I wonder if these little treats made from Oreos are refined enough to bear the name “petit fours.” But alas, if it looks like a petit four and tastes like a petit four, then petit four it is. These really are very simple to make, thanks to the wonderousness that is the Oreo Cakester. […]