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Tag Archives: rainbow

flashback friday: “macaron” cookie pops

…In which I share a forgotten treat from the archives. In scrolling through my past posts, I found some stuff even I forgot I made. In almost five years of blogging, there is a LOT of stuff even I forgot I made. Admittedly, some of it is dreadful. But not all of it was dreadful. […]

the best ever RAINBOW baby shower… for ME!!! a huge thank you, blog world friends!!!

  WOW! OK, people, now I cry easily, so you know I was bawling when I turned on my computer and realized that the most awesome and sweet sweets bloggers created a virtual baby shower–in rainbow, my favorite and my first daughter’s favorite, no less–just for me!!! Every time I think the blog world is […]

the best ever cut-out cookie recipe

  For veterans of my blog and books, you already know this recipe, so forgive the repetition. But it’s buried on my recipe page, and I feel it deserves a bit of spotlight.  My favoritest ever, most super duper cut-out cookie recipe made it into both of my cookbooks because I’ll never use another. Don’t […]

rainbow pound cake for a five-year old

  So my daughter just turned five. She has anticipated this day since she turned four. As such, I’m afraid the distance between her real birthday and the actual celebration day was too long for her to bear. So on her actual birthday we made some rainbow pound cake. The reasons being: It’s small enough […]

sparkly rainbow Chex invented by a 4-year old

  So a couple months ago, we decided to host a happy hour for my daughter’s pre-K class. The whole class. All the kids, their siblings and their parents. In our modestly-sized home. We ended up with about 40 kids, siblings and parents, all very good sports to cram themselves in said modestly-sized home. Naturally, […]