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Guest Post!! Glory of Glorious Treats brings you Rice Krispies Treats Christmas Trees

So this is about it for me in the immediate future… on Monday I go in for surgery to have my second daughter. The surgery is a bit more complicated than a standard C-Section (it involves things like other surgeons and main ORs), so I’ll be down for the count for quite awhile. Luckily, the […]

Rice Krispie treat mini cupcakes

I just found these photos of Rice Krispie treat cupcakes on my computer. If I recall, I made these for a friend’s birthday last year. That’s how far behind I am (shaking head). Alas, not even sure if I remember how I made them. So I’ll muddle through with some instructions. to make mini Rice […]

spooky raisin spiders giveaway

One of the yummy things about my blog job over at craft gossip is getting yummy things in the mail, like a box full o’ goodies from California Raisins. They sent me a box with everything I need to make these creepy spiders (made from healthy stuff like almond butter, raisins, cereal and honey). You […]