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Tag Archives: rings

just a reminder, some sweets for the Olympics

  These are likely still fresh in your memory, but given the Summer Olympics are right around the corner, I figured a little reminder wouldn’t hurt. That and I’m nowhere near my own kitchen to make something new, since my daughter and I are currently living as nomads from grandparent’s house to grandparent’s house while […]

Bird’s Party Magazine and some Olympics treats

  Do you know Bird? Yes, of course you do. Wait, there’s one or two of you who don’t? You must immediately. She’s an insanely talented party gal. This is the Bird’s Party blog. And she also works her techno-graphic magic to create fantastic magazines, available both free online and as a paper copy for […]

olympic ring cookie bites

After spending years decorating skis, bobsleds, figure skates, ice hockey players, snowboards and the like, I’m all about simplifying simplifying simplifying. These rings are about as simple as you can get. how to make olympic ring cookies you will need:* dough icing 2 different size mini circle cutters frosting colors (blue, green, yellow, black and […]