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Tag Archives: royal icing

Christmas petit fours, straight from the pages of Sugarlicious

As promised on Saturday, a peek inside Sugarlicious with a Christmas idea from the book. It’s starting to get real, seeing it all put together like this. Yikes, if I get butterflies opening a pdf, imagine how I’ll be opening that first box when I get the book! For a glimpse inside the book,  CLICK […]

cookie tattoos

So I was in Michaels Craft Store the other day, and I saw THESE. Duff Cake Tattoos. (As in, Duff of Ace of Cakes, as in, designs printed on edible sheets used to cover cakes, cupcakes and cookies, like these ticings I like so much.) So I had to try them. According to the Charm […]

how to draw your family on cookies

Hmmm… I’m not sure, but these could very well fall in the same category as “creepy clown.” Alas. Perhaps a good gift for mom? I’ll let you be the judge. You can choose any surface you like, such as larger cookies topped with flooded royal icing (that have dried overnight). For tips on flooding cookies, […]

easy daisy chocolate sandwich cookies (a shortcut and vegan too!)

I’ve mentioned my vegan Supper Club before (HERE). Well…I needed a quick and easy vegan treat to bring that would fit the theme (Spring is near, I wrote this post a month ago). So I turned my daisy topped cookie pops (HERE) into vegan treats. I’ve been working on a vegan version of my cookies, […]

mmmm…. doughnut cookies

In case the title is confusing, there are no doughnut-like ingredients in these cookies. They are simply cookies that look like doughnuts. Now, I’ve nothing against doughnuts. Really. If given a choice between a cookie and a Dunkin Donuts chocolate creme… I’d likely go for the doughnut, I admit that freely. But I have a […]