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Tag Archives: sandwich cookies

flashback friday: “macaron” cookie pops

…In which I share a forgotten treat from the archives. In scrolling through my past posts, I found some stuff even I forgot I made. In almost five years of blogging, there is a LOT of stuff even I forgot I made. Admittedly, some of it is dreadful. But not all of it was dreadful. […]

red, white and blue pop-star cookie pops for

It’s a mouthful, but a lot is going on with these cookies. Yep, they are red, white and blue star sandwich cookie pops filled with sparkly Pop Rocks AND they come with a free printable for 4th of July straw flags. Whew, a LOT going on. But pretty easy to make. I made these and […]

neopolitan chocolate sandwich cookies

One of the many perks of spending way too much time on the computer is that I “meet” a ridiculous number of amazing people I’d not otherwise have ever met. Like Lorraine. Lorraine started emailing me a question here and there about cookies, and with more and more back and forth, I now feel like […]

unmacaron macaron cookie pops

Anybody out there remember my macaron disaster? I’ve not yet revisited trying to make these artful mysteries. So instead of facing the challenge, I stuck with the familiar and made little, colorful sandwich cookies in the style of a macaron. And I made some into pops, too, because I’ll put anything I can on a […]

sandwich sandwich cookies for a sandwich lunch box

I just happened upon these photographs of sandwich sandwich cookies that I’ve had for months. I found this cute little sandwich lunch box and bought it for a friend for her birthday. (Her birthday is September 5th, so that’s how many months these photos have been hiding.) I filled the tin with little sandwich sandwich […]