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The best VEGAN cut-out cookies and icing. Also, allergies and decorating cookies with kids.

I feel rather confident declaring these the best vegan cut-out cookies and decorating icing in the universe, not having ever left this world, because my picky daughter gobbled up about five of these. And she’s REALLY picky. And they taste good, especially with the icing. AND, they keep their shape beautifully. Gorgeously. Amazingly.  I made […]

easy Cheerios birdfeeders with printable instructions

Ever the supermom wannabe, I of course volunteered to help out with the Family Fun Day at my daughter’s school, even though we couldn’t attend said Family Fun Day due to a family event up in Jersey. The day was garden-themed. My tasks were to turn pieces of cardboard into signs and to come up […]

pencil cookies for teacher appreciation with free printable

So I have a kindergartener. She goes to a public charter school here in Washington, DC. I’ll spare you all the charter school talk, since I’ve waxed on about it before. (To read more about the charter school system in Washington DC, click HERE and HERE.) These pencil cookies are for all the superfantabulous teachers […]

Cookie HQ at HERSHEY’S Kitchens: My Video and Photo Shoot

You probably don’t know this, but last month I was treated to a  fantabulous trip to the Hershey’s Headquarters? Wait, you might know. Because I talked about it HERE. And HERE. And HERE. Sheesh. I talk too much. Anyway,  I joined a dozen bloggers to make yummy holiday videos in the Hershey’s Test Kitchens with […]

marshmallow pops for a crazy first day of school and a bit about the Washington DC school system

My little darling started school yesterday. Real school. All day school. She’s only 4 (as of Saturday, rainbow birthday party pics are forthcoming), but here in Washington, DC, the public schools start at age 3, though we didn’t take advantage last year. Now a bit about the school system in DC. (Anyone totally uninterested in […]