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Tag Archives: snowman

how to make snowmen cookie sticks AND a snowman box game

Why do I so love cookies in stick form? Because you don’t need any special cutters, they are an interesting shape for a cookie and they are easy to hold, thus eat. So first I made monsters, then turkeys, then Rudolph and now… snowmen! Snowmen were begging to be made as sticks. I made these […]

snowflake and snowman cookie pops

Here are the cookies I made for my daughter’s school bake sale in December. I thought I’d save them for some winter cheer as the post-Christmas doldrums kicked in. I always get sad putting away the Christmas decorations. Have you heard of the Danish term “hygge”? I know exactly what it is, though it’s so […]

roundup from the archives: 31 ideas for Winter and Christmas treats and sweets

Since the stores have had Christmas stuff out since before Halloween, I suppose I can update my SEASONAL button and share all these winter and Christmas-themed sweets and treats from archives. I not-so-secretly don’t mind the early arrival of Christmas, by the way, seeing as it’s my all-time favorite holiday. Oh yes, fellow Washington DCites, […]

easy snowman cookie pops for Celebrations

¬†While I’m off having a baby in the hospital and through the magic of pre-posting, I’ll share with you a few posts I made (ages ago, because I’m that prepared) for Celebrations! First up… OK, so maybe these look just a little bit like ducks. Maybe. But how many ducks wear felt scarves?¬† I’m hoping […]

snowman marshmallow pops with Airheads accessories

Sugar, sugar, more sugar!!! I don’t get nearly enough. The Airheads candy company sent me a box of sweets through my other gig at Edible Crafts, and so I dressed up some snowman marshmallow pops. Wanna see how I made them? CLICK HERE for the how-tos at Edible Crafts. Feel free to share (nicely)! While […]