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Tag Archives: spiders

from the archives: 6 easy spider treats for Halloween

  OK Meaghan. Breathe deeply. You are brave. Very brave for compiling these posts from the archive. And even braver for making them in the first place. You see. I suffer from arachnophobia. Severely. Snakes, bugs, roaches. I don’t like them, but I don’t run screaming. Spiders. I run screaming. I remember just about every […]

Halloween Cupcakes: spider cupcakes for Celebrations

I’ve said it before (here, in fact, with these Oreo Cakester spiders). I’ll say it again. You want your spiders to be creepy? Long legs. That’s the secret. Short legs are way too cute. To make these simple spider cupcakes, CLICK HERE to visit Celebrations.   Need help finding supplies? Feel free to share (nicely)! […]

easy Oreo Cakester spiders, my guest post for (sniffle)

Three months after I left my dear gig as editor of Edible Crafts, I went back for a visit. Join me today to learn to make super easy Oreo Cakester spiders.  All you need are some Oreo Cakesters, candy eyes, black licorice lace and something sticky (corn syrup, frosting, whatever makes your eyes stick). For […]

dangling spider ornament cookies from Bird’s Magazine

A warning: I’m in Sandy the Hurricane’s line of fire, so I may be without my dear internet for a bit. Here’s one more Halloween idea to get you through. Fingers crossed we still get Halloween here in DC! Another warning: From now until December at the end of my pregnancy (and beyond into baby […]

Halloween treats from the archives

We’ve been ready for Halloween for weeks now, ever since my daughter found her purple Queen costume at a Cracker Barrel when we took a girls weekend to visit Luray Caverns. Halloween is the absolute best for making cool stuff with sweet stuff. Usually all you need to do is add candy eyes to something […]