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Tag Archives: spring

spring treat roundup from the archives

Geez, I’ve done a lot for Spring in the past few years. Which is funny since I much prefer Winter. I know, I know, I’m the lone person out there for whom this is true. But snow is so dang pretty, I never tire of it. Just wish we actually got some this year. And […]

Easter roundup from the archives

You know the drill. In my part-laziness, part-actual-exhaustion-from-life thing I am capitalizing on the wealth of stuff in my archives to get me through seasons. No, I mean, I’m sharing these things for all you folks new to my blog. Yeah. It’s total consideration for the new folks. Let’s go with that. Above are little […]

how to make a cookie arrangement

    Some of you may recognize these daisy cookie pops from my post all the way from, um, yesterday. A common question I’m asked is how I get my cookies to stand so obediently on their own. I briefly cover how to make a cookie arrangement in Sugarlicious because, seriously, everything is covered in […]

rainbow Earth Day marshmallow pops

  Today’s post is a super quickie one because I’m in the midst of planning another not-so-quick post. Hint: That one will include turtles and a giveaway. Stay tuned later this week…     Earth Day is April 22 this year. Do you have an Earth-saving plans this year? Marshmallows can’t save the world, but […]

carnation flower cookies… Let’s Smell the Flowers, shall we?

  As I’ve mentioned before, I have little luck with growing things. Cut flowers I can manage, as their fate has been determined before I put them in my vases. And I almost always have cut flowers in vases, it’s one of my indulgences. So I was thrilled to be a part of the Let’s […]