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Tag Archives: store-bought

happy ice cream sandwich day!

So apparently today is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day. And it’s about 100 degrees outside. So that all seems about right. To make these… let ice cream soften scoop a teaspoon or two on the back of an Entenmann’s chocolate chip cookie add a lollipop stick sandwich with another cookie return to the freezer about […]

easy lollies, revisited

My kid was driving me nuts today. We are together all day, everyday, day in, day out, from morning to night, without break (ie. she’s now above napping). And she’s not a loner. And she talks incessantly. So this is what we did today to help keep her quiet so I could hear my thoughts […]

pretty pink daisy petit fours

I made these pink petit fours with only store-bought things. I never buy those 100-calorie pack treats and sweets. To me, if you’re going to eat three of them, what’s the point of all that packaging? But then I saw these packs of cute little pink frosted strawberry cupcakes at Target and I couldn’t resist. […]

Twinkie, HoHo, SnoBall, CupCakes…now in 2-D! (and on sticks)

All the best Hostess snacks, put on a cookie and stuck on sticks. Clearly, snow-bound dementia has set in. None of the actual products are needed to make these cookies, but I shan’t judge if you need to stock up on your HoHos, SnoBalls, CupCakes and Twinkies to use as models. These cookies were really […]

winter wonderland Oreo Cakesters

So how did these fondant covered Oreo Cakesters come about? 1. bakerella cut hearts from Cakesters last year 2. I saw said hearts and, with Cakesters on the brain, made fondant covered Cakester petits fours 3. i am baker saw said fondant covered Cakester petits fours and made her own gorgeous, perfect petits fours that […]