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Tag Archives: Super Bowl

Butterscotch Popcorn Football Cake for Tablespoon

So I know that right about now lots of interested people are watching that brown-ball throwing and tackling game. I am not one of those interested people. I once fell asleep at a football game and if you ever make me go to another one, I promise I’ll fall asleep again. But I do love […]

Just for Kix: Mini edible snack mix snack cups

So these are meant to be for “Game Day,” though I’m fine with game day being the day you play monopoly. Or charades. No, Pictionary. I used to be awesome at Pictionary. Others may see “Game Day” as a day for football, I suppose. I’m kind of enthralled by my latest for Kix Cereal. Snack […]

"pretzel" cookies…for the Super Bowl?

I tend to put question marks after things I don’t understand. Like football events. My only real connection to the Super Bowl is via my football-watching husband or via cookies (historically, I’ve always known what teams are playing based on hundreds of helmet, player and cheerleader cookie orders at the store). But I do know […]