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Tag Archives: Thanksgiving

Just for Kix: Thanksgiving leftovers for lunch

I really love this particular post I made for Kix Cereal because I got to have a mini Thanksgiving meal weeks ago to write it. And yum, I’m pleased with the results. The sandwich sushi is surprisingly delicious, as I was skeptical about the concept. Mix cream cheese and cranberry sauce on bread, pile with […]

24 ideas for Thanksgiving to get me organized

This year for Thanksgiving we have 13. That’s the most I’ve ever had for Thanksgiving. I should note that two of those 13 are babies, but my “baby” eats everything, so she counts as a mouth to feed. There are four cousins, all girls, between ages four and seven. And then, of course, the old […]

“seriously, you can’t mess these up” turkey cookie sticks

I’d say I have a history of striving for perfection. I was the stressball high school kid that pulled all-nighters for her AP Calculus exam. I feel anxiety welling up when I look around at the scattered kid toys and food crumbs all over my floors. I don’t achieve perfection, mind you, but I’m one […]

Just for Kix: Paper bag snack favors for Thanksgiving

Inevitably, Thanksgiving dinner is always served one to two hours after I plan to serve Thanksgiving dinner. I never time things perfectly. So having a small, won’t fill-you-up snack like this just might quiet the gripes until dinner actually IS on the table.   To make paper bag snack favors, CLICK HERE to visit KIX. […]

Flashback Friday: Thanksgiving

OK, folks, time to pack away the spiders and the witches and the candy bowl. Halloween is over. Now we think Thanksgiving. (Of course, stores have been thinking Christmas for weeks now. I secretly don’t mind this, though, because I love Christmas ever so much.)   Our Halloween was an adventure. It started out with […]