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Tag Archives: trail mix

Just for Kix: roasting pumpkin seeds and Kix-pumpkin seed trail mix

As a former nerd of academia, I liked this particular post for Kix Cereal. I got to do research on roasting pumpkin seeds. Do you soak your pumpkin seeds overnight before roasting? I never had. So I tried them both ways, this time. Find the how-tos for roasting pumpkin seeds, loads of seasoning-combo ideas, and […]

Flashback Friday: DOUGHNUTS! the Babycake Donut Maker AND easy, healthy, maple, trail mix doughnuts (also, some silly art)

This is only my second doughnut post on this blog–if you don’t count these doughnut decorated cookies that aren’t doughnuts at all–, and yet my first doughnut recipe post was one of the most popular posts I’ve written. So clearly, I’m doing something wrong and not properly supplying my audience with more doughnuts. Oh geez, […]

do trail mix oat bites even belong here?

So yeah, these look a lot more healthy than most–um, all–of what you find here. And sure, these trail mix oat bites (that’s the best title I could think of) have rolled oats, coconut flour, wheat germ, and dried fruits and nuts and make a great fill-you-up-and-give-you-energy snack, but they also have a bit of […]